Guidelines for posting questions and seeking help

OPI/visualFields forum is provided for free and community members volunteer their time to help each other. Please respect other community members’ time by following the guidelines below.

Before posting your question, check if similar questions have been asked and solved on the forum already.

When posting a question, please create a new topic and tag it with a corresponding category, i.e., a question regarding the OPI interface should be tagged with ‘Open Perimetry Interface’. If your question does not fall into any existing category, please leave it uncategorized.

Please briefly describe your hardware and software set up e.g., your OS and OPI/visualFields version and if other paradigms have successfully run on your setup so other community members trying to help you have a clear picture of your set up.

Phrase your question (topic) in a way that is specific so others with a similar problem can easily find your post. Provide a minimal, reproducible example of your problem. DO NOT use images of code. Paste your actual code into the question and format it as code. Copy-paste complete error messages if any. Provide sources for where you have sought relevant information e.g., Google search results of your error messages, and explain precisely why what you found didn’t solve your problem.

Once someone has provided a satisfactory solution to your problem, please tick the “this reply solves my problem” checkbox. This will enable other users with the same question to jump straight to the solution and direct community members’ attention to unsolved problems.

Finally, try to help other users with their questions when you can to help the community grow.