Summary of the OPI Webinar, October 2020

This page summarises factoids and discussion that took place in the ‘chat’ of the Zoom meeting that was the 10th Birthday Celebration of the OPI hosted by Melbourne 2nd October 2020.

The visualFields package

Giovanni M & Ivan: RShiny is easy to get going for displaying results, but getting interactive pages working is a lot trickier. For example updating plots during a test or showing progress bars.

Herman : The documentation and vignettes are great, but R arranges documentation in alphabetical order. It would be great to have a ‘cheat cheet’ where things were arranged thematically.

Allison M: It would be great if new users were involved here, as they know best what would help.

Andrew T: Does visualFields allow easy import of HFA data?

Paul A: Yes, it can handle DICOM from Forum.

Matthias M: HFA3 in German Speaking countries and Japan has the OPV IOD free of charge, in other countries it is a license.

Giovanni M: Any plans to include an HFA greyscale in visualFields. Ivan M-F: Not by me.

Allison M: FOS curves can be fit using the R package quickPsy

Ben Backus : What’s the best way to make a web page for clinicians so they don’t have to install R?

Andrew T: You can run an RShiny server which runs in a browser and requires not R install or knowledge.


Generally, the functionality of the package is fine, need documentation, tutorials and support.

Octopus 900

Luke C: When testing the far periphery, the projector can physically take a long time to move from one location to another (they could be over 100 degrees apart).

Andrew T: While there is no hardware fix for this, it might be possible to alter test logic so that when randomly selecting subsequent locations they are “close”.

Robert H: The Octopus 900 can do: T/B/L/R: 60°/70°/85°/85°. Maybe a bit more, but also limited due to technical reasons.


Giovanni M: Can we have a true ‘blank’ presentation rather than ‘risking’ 50dB?

Giovanni M: Can we have access to the button outside of opiPresent?

Giovanni M: Can we have real time tracking info?

Andrew T: this is possible for the O900; requires server modification for Compass.

Commodity VR hardware

Ivan M-F & Paul A: we are about to tackle calibration, but have not solved it yet.

Ben B: We can help.

What about imaging?

Open OCT?

Manos: There seems to be a lot of people working on structure function. Can we build the tools etc for working with images?

Useful tips

Giovanni M reports that he has had good results using the R package RNiftyReg for aligning Compass red-free images with the Spectralis infra-red images.

Building community

An e-forum.

Andrew T: Ran a poll to see who would prefer Slack or Teams. Teams came out slightly ahead.

Vasanth M: suggested Discourse, which looks like a much better option. VM and AT to set up.

Jasleen J: Are there plans to collate GitHub links from different projects so we can use other peoples tests and share?

Andrew T: sure, good idea. Let’s see which forum is best (www site, Discourse, or this wiki.)

The next meeting

Manos: There is value in this, especially for students who have time and can learn new features and take it back to their labs. A yearly meeting with student focus would be beneficial.

List of attendees